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Tax application hosting as a cloud service initiative has proved its worth in offering busy tax professionals with a technically sound and stable work environment so that all they need to worry about is creation of reports and filing of taxes in a timely and accurate manner.
Hitech Cloud offers a secure environment for tax experts to have their tax applications and data hosted. With this simple, affordable and easy-to-use work arena, users seek unconstrained benefits.

The 5-Fold Benefits of Tax Application Hosting

Work From Anywhere, Anytime: With the level of independence cloud solutions have introduced, having a hosted tax application gifts tax professionals the freedom to access their data and applications from anywhere, anytime and using any mobile or fixed digital media that supports the use of high-speed internet.

Speedy Work Environment: Though the basic internet connection is required to hold good speed, the speed experienced after establishing connection with the remote server is immense and independent of the client internet speed. Since data and application are installed and run from remote servers, the clients can work in a high-speed mode thereby offering a boost to their efficacy.

Multi-User Access to Remote Server: With a multi-user software license, taxation professionals can unlock the potential that a cloud hosted environment has to offer. With simultaneous authorized access to the hosted server, multiple tax experts can work on the same database to meet the return filing deadlines in a timely and efficient manner. Besides, this system offers consistent state of data at any point of time which thereby strengthens the decision making process.

Complete Data Security: Implementation of security constraints both in the physical and internet medium ensures complete protection of data stored within Hitech Cloud centers. CCTV cameras, biometric authentication at data centers and complete monitoring ensures physical level protection. Firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, encryption and compression algorithms provide security to online storage and transmission of all sensitive data.

Round-the-Clock Technical Support: We at Hitech Cloud not only offer quality services but also complete support to fix any arising issues in a timely manner. All that the clients need at their end is a good quality internet connection. The rest of the functionality is managed by our technical experts since all upgraded hardware and software is installed and run on remote servers.


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