Quickbooks Pro Hosting

Quickbooks Pro Hosting

QuickBooks Hosting is a revolution in the field of accountancy. With this move, accountants no longer have to worry about the records or any of the important data getting misplaced or lost. Why? Because all their data in on the cloud - the secure sphere where all crucial data is replicated to provide the nearest image in case of data loss. All the accounting information is available in a single place which makes work much more efficient and easier to track.

With QuickBooks Pro Hosting, Hitech Cloud strives to generate a mature remote work architecture by providing a seamless IT platform to deliver accounting services remotely to CPAs and individual practitioners in a secure manner.

How QuickBooks Pro is a great help to accountants?

  • Tools to help you create sales receipts and invoices. It allows professionals to keep a record of all business transactions. This helps in keeping business well-organized and clutter-free.
  • Helps to manage all business expenses easily. Paid bills, credit card transactions are all securely saved into the record so that it can be accessed when needed.
  • Robust email capabilities allow users to tailor their accounting needs to include a particular job or customer information in mail, attach documents, create custom templates and check all previous threads created on the conversation.
  • Valuable insights can be gained based on which businesses can be expertly expanded. All details about the market and its technicalities can be unraveled through the QuickBooks Pro. Businesses can continue to flourish only if enough attention is given to what makes a successful company work.
  • The banking transaction experience is given further improvement as all the transactions can be viewed if needed. Multiple banks and accounts can be accessed through QuickBooks hosting.
  • A new feature called the Income Tracker lets you view the income generating businesses. Overdue invoices are also shown which helps you remind your customers for payment.

The QuickBooks Pro 2014 has improved performance and a list of new features previously unavailable in the software. With the 2014 version, you can do everything that work demands.

Which Versions of QuickBooks Pro We Host?

  • QuickBooks Pro 2014
  • QuickBooks Pro 2013
  • QuickBooks Pro 2012

Since Intuit has withdrawn support for any previous versions of QuickBooks Pro, we provide hosting only for the above mentioned versions.

Requisites for Seamlessly Working with QuickBooks Pro

  • The computer or laptop must have an Windows® Vista Operating System.
  • A 2.4 GHz processor is recommended, although 2.0 GHz works fine too.
  • Minimum 1GB of RAM for personal use. 2GB of RAM is recommended if there are multiple users.
  • The required disk space for running the software is 2.5 GB. Some additional space is also required for storing accounting data files.
  • The 60 MB for Microsoft® .NET 4.0 Runtime. This is provided on the QuickBooks CD which comes along with QuickBooks Pro software.
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1024X768 pixels is needed, 16-bit or higher color, default DPI settings.
  • A 4x CD-ROM drive.

Where Does Our Role Fall?

Our hardware base is well-designed and robustly integrated to offer clients with more than the basic requirements for seamless working of this software. So, clients can function from anywhere and upgrade their working systems to accommodate their expanded requirements without any technology lock-in.

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