QuickBooks Premier Hosting

QuickBooks Premier Hosting

QuickBooksPremier has left no stone unturned inproviding accounting professionals with a whole range of new innovative features that make it essential for all businesses. In retail businesses, manufacture and wholesale as well as other general businesses, QuickBooks Premier has become an indispensable part of the working of all successful companies.

QuickBooks Premier Hosting - What’s the Catch?

  • QuickBooks Premier hosting proves helpful to general businesses by providing a safe location to store important data and information. All inventory related tasks can be grouped at a single place without the fear or problem of loss or misplacement. QBPremier has a new feature called the Inventory Center which makes it possible for workers to achieve this task.
  • The tracking of financial data can be done easily through the inbuilt device according to the location, timeand other criteria.
  • Clients can be billed after considering their job description, work condition, time, space etc.
  • Jobs costs are now easily decided and organized. There is no problem with the vendor details as to which vendor needs to be paid. A report about the jobs according to the vendors can be made through QuickBooks hosting.
  • Prioritization of sales orders according to specific features can be done. The orders which are possible to deliver can be recognized and acted on as against those shipments which cannot be done so.
  • One of the significant reasons is that QuickBooks Premier hosting can keep a record handy relating to the tasks which offer the best profits.
  • Even in the case of non-profit organizations and businesses, this software comes handy by keeping a record of the donors. It helps to form a concluding record of donations at the end of the year.
  • Helps the organization to make Form 990, called the Statement of Functional Expenses. It contains the areas which had the most expenses and can be shown to the donating members, the board etc. Besides, the contributing amount of each donor is also marked.
  • In professional services, tasks such as setting the rate of billing so that everyone is paid their respective amounts. Tracking of unrecorded expenses and bills can be performed with ease too.
  • The New Features of QuickBooks Premier 2014 Version

    • The email section is revamped so that now templates can be customized, in addition to the option of attaching multiple files or any other data. The email capability is improved with no past limitations.
    • Banking tasks like keeping track of monetary transactions over different banks and bank accounts is performed with the minimum effort.
    • The new Income Tracker keeps all income related transactions grouped in a separate place.
    • Helps keep record of all checks, if any have bounced etc.

    The Journey with Hitech Cloud The functionalities of QB Premier can extend to even greater heights with hosting services from Hitech Cloud. The only difficulty that accountants face with QB usage is the need to troubleshoot IT issues. With hosting, there is absolutely no need for this as the service provider will take care of installation and flawless running of the software while the clients can just access their files with a one-click access. With Hitech Cloud, your journey to accountancy can smoothly purr with the added benefits of anytime, anywhere accessibility and one-place storage with multi-user accessibility.

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