Why should I prefer QuickBooks Hosting to QuickBooks Online?
The one big reason to move to cloud is to do your things your way. This is what marks the line of difference between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Hosting. With hosting, it is easy to have any version and edition of Quickbooks hosted on your dedicated remote servers while in the case of QBO, the functionality is quite limited. Pro, Premium and Enterprise users generally find QBO to be a small subset of the vast functionality otherwise available. This forms that major reason why clients prefer hosting to QB Online.

What are the necessary resources that I need to have in order to avail QuickBooks Hosting service?
For starting with QB Hosting services, the clients just need to hold a good quality internet connection, a digital device to work with and licenses to the concerned edition and version of QuickBooks accounting software.

Which versions of QuickBooks can be hosted on HitechCloud servers?
Clients can have any version of QuickBooks accounting software hosted on our remote terminal servers. We commit to cover even the most intensive requirements of clients involving the use of various editions and versions of QuickBooks on the same dedicated server.

Does QuickBooks hosting service ensure the safety of my confidential accounting data?
Safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of clients' financial data is the primary aim of our services. Encapsulated within multiple layers of physical and virtual security measures, we ensure complete safety of clients' sensitive data.

Can I rely on the availability of QB Hosting services offered by HitechCloud?
Promising 99.99% reliability inclusive of both scheduled and unscheduled downtime, we commit to deliver maximum availability for clients to take up their important tasks as and when desired.

Is there provision for backup of my data in case of any mishap?
Yes, we provide complete backup for all the information that our clients store on their personalized remote servers. Withholding a series of geographically-spread servers, we have framed an infrastructure through which we are able to store multiple backup copies of the clients' last committed data. This makes it possible to retrieve the data even under the worst of catastrophic or non-catastrophic mishaps.

Do I need to sign a contract to avail this service? We at HitechCloud do not believe in binding our customers through any legal agreement or termination policies. The clients are free to start with our services and based on the quality of services offered and requirement-fit, they can continue with the services for as long as desired.

What type of support can I get in case I am stuck with some issue?
We hold an extensive technical support team that is dedicated to answer client issues in round-the-clock environment. In the case of an issue, clients are free to call us, email us or chat with us. Our representatives are skilled to guide the clients with the troubleshooting steps. In case the specifications are not clear, the clients can have their issues solved by lending permissions for remote desktop access to our technical support team representatives.

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