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Hitech Cloud holds its forte in creating a complete accounting sphere on the dedicated cloud environment that we offer to clients. With varied levels of integrations to suffice the loopholes in financial management process, we host a series of QuickBooks Add-ons on the same server. This not only saves clients the effort to install and maintain different software on local system but also saves a considerable amount of their time by provisioning an atmosphere where they can work in an integrated manner using internal software compatibilities.

As an added advantage to CPAs and individual practitioners, Bill.com offers integration with QuickBooks to save a considerable amount of their time and effort involved in taking the complex route. This simple software interface comprises provision for up-to-the-minute records of all transactions as they are entered in QuickBooks. The functionality of this software ditches the traditional time-consuming and error-prone methods and lends an interface where bills can be generated on-the-go with a few clicks!

QVINCI is a professional tool that makes accounting and financial loophole tracking easy for small organizations. Its integration with QuickBooks, especially in a hosted environment is outstanding as it offers an escape from the manual tasks and displays well-formatted, bored down information along with early caution signs to help business owners quickly review all business aspects and determine which part requires immediate attention.

SHAREFILE on a hosted server offers QB accountants a secure online arena where they can boundlessly share important business documents. High-end security mechanisms are implemented along with authenticated data access to ensure non-repudiation. This makes work easy for CPAs as files that are too large to be sent over a single mail can be shared to and fro and thus, constant contact with the client or co-accountants can be flawlessly maintained.

Since QuickBooks lacks the one quite important feature of Inventory Management, Fishbowl can integrate with this accounting software in a hassle-free manner. This integration reduces the time and effort investments of accountants to quite an extent since all information can be entered in the data fields at one time and the reports so generated can give complete results instantaneously. Besides, all accounting functionality related to profit calculations on the defined assets and liabilities can be simplified.

AUTOFY is outstanding business software that allows users to stay optimistic about their data entries. This tool creates an environment where various entry fields stored in different software like QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, Peachtree, etc. can be compared for any inconsistencies. This tool offers a double or triple check to the entries made thereby ensuring maximum accuracy in the updated data values.

This is a strategic insight revealing tool that when integrated with QuickBooks on cloud can work in complete co-ordination to extract data values that show certain patterns and similarities. These data values are used to draw inferences that can be studied to guide various important business decisions relating to an organization's financial process. This tool gives smart understanding of financial management and presentation to accountants thereby helping them take better decisions in accounting the various corporate transactions.

Often accountants feel the need to generate some forms or reports in PDF format to be forwarded to clients or business owners. This is where integration of Adobe Acrobat with QuickBooks can ease the process. With such an on-click deliverable, accountants feel quite relaxed with generation of documents anytime, anywhere to be sent over mail.

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