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Hitech Cloud holds extensive server base located in varied data centers in Dallas, Texas and Seattle. These locations are free from the hazards of frequently occurring natural calamities and are thus, the most reliable in terms of data storage for future restoration in case needed! Data security and reliability are the main strengthening factors in our cloud operations. Here’s how we set them up:

Data Security Assured

We at Hitech Cloud understand the importance of data and we ensure to provide a safe shell where crucial business data can be stored and accessed by implementing the safest of mechanisms. Our data security process is broadly categorized into two levels.
 Physical Level Security: These types of security mechanisms are implemented for physically protecting the servers storing crucial client data. With sensitive monitoring at each data center, there are also provisions for authenticated biometric access and 24x7 live CCTV footage reviews. Intense security through various levels ensures that none other than authorized personnel can enter the data center. Also, all physical activity within the premise is recorded and checked for any unusual activities.
Cloud Level Security: This type of security is to be implemented in reference to protection of sensitive business data stored over the internet connected server platform that is vulnerable to multiple risks. Anti-virus software, intrusion detection systems, implementation of tunneling across the packet transmission pathway are set up along with data compression and encryption procedures using RSA or higher level algorithms for preventing any threats to confidentiality and integrity of data over the network transmission conduit.

Reliability-Oriented Approach

Hitech Cloud ensures an up-to-date state of client data all the time. With us, the clients can give away the fretting on data loss or mismanagement. Our highly-reliable servers are located across varied destinations in secure data centers. Each of the backup servers replicates data from the main server at certain point of the day and thus, the last checkpoint of data remains securely on our servers for client  
Our 30 days of data backup proceeds in two ways: Decremental and Incremental





Full Data Backup (FDB)

Full Data Backup (FDB)


All Data Changes Since FDB

All Data Changes Since FDB


All Data Changes Since FDB

All Data Changes Since Monday


All Data Changes Since FDB

All Data Changes Since Tuesday


All Data Changes Since FDB

All Data Changes Since Wednesday


All Data Changes Since FDB

All Data Changes Since Thursday


All Data Changes Since FDB

All Data Changes Since Friday

Wondering why our QuickBooks hosting data coverage is so extensive? Because sometimes, it is only some updates that are lost in the process and we believe our clients’ time is too important to waste in unnecessary backups!


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