Drake Tax Software Hosting is the answer to all your questions, when it comes to tax related difficulties. Whether you’re struggling with deadlines, want reliable solutions, need a hassle-free environment or IT related complications, Drake Tax Software Hosting provides seamless solutions to all your conundrums.

Why is Drake Tax Software Hosting better?

Drake simplifies the data-entering process, has made archiving files and accessing them efficient, provides automatic saving of files, and has a user-interface that is friendly and customizable. Drake was devised keeping the tax filing processes in mind and provides a seamless interface and execution that makes preparing tax filing reports a walk in the park. With faster processing and quicker computations, you can do much more in your limited time, delivering better results to your clientele and providing better customer satisfaction. Some more features of Drake are:

  • User-friendly interface and responsive design
  • The automatic data flow feature enables you to send data from Federal to State returns very easily.
  • Updates previous returns swiftly
  • Processing through returns is very efficient and fast
  • You have the option of attaching PDF files along with business returns
  • The auto-fill option can be real handy as it automatically fills the company’s name and address as long as the reference was provided earlier
  • It also enables you to provide your E-signature on your forms


1. Saves Time

Drake saves a lot of your time by reducing menial tasks, providing better speed, custom interface, automatic flow of data, and other handy features.

2. Accessibility

With its responsive design, you can access this cloud service from you tablet, cell phone or any other device, all you need is a good internet connection. And this service is available 24×7.

3. Multiple Users

Multi-users is a great facility available for you, which enables multiple users to process tax filing, and can access the same database simultaneously ensuring that the data is consistent and the processing is still fast and efficient.

Hitech Cloud has strived to gain an in-depth understanding of what accountants and Tax professionals desire and has come up with an effective solution to make their life better. With tremendous experience in hosting services and technical knowhow, Hitech Cloud will surpass your expectations with Drake Tax Software Hosting, and deliver nothing but the best.

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