QuickBooks Cloud Hosting and How is benefiting the CPAs and Small Businesses

Quickbooks is accounting software application which is now the first priority of several small businesses. It is developed aiming small and medium-sized businesses majorly. With the help of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting CPAs and small businesses benefit a lot.

It is available in the cloud-based version which deals with business payments, pay bills and payroll functions. QuickBooks software is developed with two structures which are as below:

  1. QuickBooks Online
  2. QuickBooks Desktop

However, Window servers are not able to host QB Online version, thus hosting QB Desktop only.

Some businesses are always up to accessing complete accounting functionality of QB Desktop at whatever places they want. And that encouraged us to create QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

With QuickBooks Cloud hosting service you can access all the features and facility of QuickBooks desktop remotely and that too in safe and secure manner.

You must be curious to know more about cloud hosting as there has been a lot of talk about it in the previous years. Yet people are not educated toward cloud hosting properly.

So, let’s first start with why run in the cloud?

Running in the cloud has several benefits over using QuickBooks online. Below are the significant features of cloud hosting which you can’t avail with Quick Book online.

Multi-User Alliance

While working in a professional environment one needs to interact and collaborate with team, client, and partner. QuickBooks Cloud hosting made it really easy by allowing businesses to add and remove users in an easy way. It allows 30 users to access the same document at a time. On the other hand, QB Online cannot allow more than one user to access the document at the same time. One requires an upgrade to make it happen.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

It is the major advantage of using QuickBooks cloud-based hosting. You can access document regardless of time and place. You don’t need to bind with a single device or any private network.

Lower IT Cost

While Quick Book is running in the office; it requires high-priced IT support and server maintenance. However, cloud hosting has reduced this cost as it allows users to pay for what they use.


Automating Backups

Cloud hosting facilitates us with automated backups. You can even schedule your backup and keep it with you around. You can reach to anytime back with a single click. Accidental deletion is something which you need not worry about while working in cloud hosting environment.


Security is something that you need to pay attention while working in the cloud hosting. But don’t get sad as QuickBooks cloud-based hosting offers 24/7 network monitoring, 256-bit data encryption, and threat detection.


It is the best part of availing cloud environment that you can anytime scale up your resources. You are allowed to amplify RAM, storage, and CPU with a single click.

Support Quick Books add-ons

Cloud QuickBooks hosting supports several Quick Books add-ons such as QuickBooks Payroll Solution, QuickBooks Backup Solution, Minute7 software integration, QuickBooks Time Tracker integration and so on.

Good User experience

If you are already using QuickBooks, Accounting application to manage payment and bills, create a purchase order and generate voice. You must have been the expert using the features. Now you want to switch on hosted QuickBooks solution and get afraid of using new features all over again. So you don’t need to worry as it provides you the same features. You don’t even require to import your files from old account to new one. 

Disaster Recovery

This is the most important thing to concern about while working in IT industry as you can lose all your data when physical servers collapse during the disaster. However, QuickBooks hosting service ensures that cloud infrastructure will keep running regardless of and disaster.

Very Productive and Fast Storage

QuickBooks cloud hosting includes SSD backed storage which has a great performance with 100% outcome.

Stay up to date

A small company cannot afford its own IT staff to manage servers and all. However, Hosted QuickBooks Solution manages all the resources and let you concentrate on growing the business.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Technical Support

QuickBooks Online can help you to resolve your technical issues. However, you can access the support only from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Moreover, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting also makes us available with FAQ section that can be accessed anytime. While hosting in the cloud, you can get technical assistance for your infrastructure all the time by phone, chat, and email.


Thus Cloud QuickBooks Hosting allows businesses to put all of their licensed products in a driven environment. It also includes installation of the software and tech support as the part of its service. Thus it encourages the small organization to avail high availability service in order to increase the productivity.

To avail quality Quickbooks hosting small businesses need to subscribe for a plan on the monthly and yearly basis. The rate of plans is dependent on the amount of the data you access on the cloud.

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