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Tax return might be essential for those who are money savvy. Be it personal or business, it is sometimes necessary to pay attention towards any tax return. Drake tax software is one such tax solution that fulfills all your requirement.

But how you do that? Don’t worry Drake Tax Software is designed to help your prepare any tax return. It encompasses all of the federal tax packages inclusive of the following – 1040, 1040NR, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 706, 709, 990, and 990PF.

Drake Tax Software is empowered with tons of features which make it worth in all the way. It helps you prepare returns in very impressive manner. Thus it makes you free to pay attention to another key area of business such as building client relationship and marketing.

Below listed features of Drake Tax Software are phenomenal

Data flow

Data flow is automatic from federal return to state and city returns. It enables auto-fills from ZIP Code and EIN entries. It also enables automatic credit for taxes paid to other jurisdictions.


Create a tax return has become quicker and easier than ever with Drake Tax Software. Every steps whether it is Calculation results and full return; everything are just a click away.


You can take easy backups of any client data. You can also store the backups to the same computer and another machine as well. It allows you to backup your SecureFilePro account for safe cloud storage.

Automatic updates

You can choose option out of automatic updating and update when you’re notified. It simplifies the updates in either way.

Tax Planner

Drake Tax Planner is very effective to measure how marital status, dependents can affect the taxes of client. You can check multiple scenarios and modify reporting.

Update and Compare taxes year to year

The software updates previous year data to the current year and also compares tax in multiple years. You can avail every data in the worksheet.

Electronic Filing

Drake software has made electronic filing easy and fast. The software has been included e-filing for years back. With e-filling you can be assured about the data security.

Quick Estimator and return archiving

It generates a version of return for the purpose of further comparison. It can go back to the version with just a click. Thus it is helpful for testing and quick estimation of client’ returns.


 Drake Tax Software Hosting

Drake Tax Software Hosting by Hitech cloud service provider manages the process of a tax professional by making the inclusive functionality of Drake tax software available on the secure cloud server.

We at Hitech cloud employ high-end technology and application in order to host Drake tax software. We possess Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16 compliant data centre facilities in order to provide the complete security solution to our customers.

 With Drake Tax Software Hosting you get assistance at all the aspects of tax filing and its preparation. You can anytime access to the record of previous returns if needed. It does not matter if you are preparing tax returns for business, state or federal, Drake Tax Software Hosting service will save your precious time by making several related tasks automated and speedily.

Benefits of Drake Tax Software Hosting

While utilizing Drake Software Hosting as a bookkeeper or a CPA, you will be blessed with various benefits such as portability, adaptability, lowered IT costs, and expanded the operational effectiveness. Cloud hosting allows tax preparers to access the information from any corner of the world.

How will your business be benefiting from Hosting Drake tax software on cloud?

  • It provides whenever from wherever environment to access the accounting information.
  • Multi-client management and real-time collaboration are the main highlights of hosting solution which helps impressively maximize your ROI for tax return system
  • It provides a hosting platform which is empowered with the keys components like Data security and Data reinforcements or backups thus ensuring guaranteed security to the users.
  • SASII Tier IV Data Center is used to store the data which guarantees complete security. Data is saved at various places in order to provide solid information reinforcement.
  • Data is accessible to the authentic candidate as it is protected by a secret key. You get to decide permission for an individual client to access the data.
  • Cloud services are upgradable so you don’t need to worry about tax season to stress over resource constraint.
  • It is basically designed for business or individual clients who are basically working on 1040 tax forms
  • With Drake Tax software hosting, you get instant setup solutions with complete desktop functionality from remote locations.
  • Comprehensive tech support is available for troubleshooting problems. You can have the assistance round the clock with our IT consultant who has expertise in the same domain. IT support and maintenance are added in subscription plan so you don’t need to worry about extra expenses.
  • Drake Tax software hosting is intended to help you maximize the efficacy of your business. It is rather fast in order to get availed the information.
  • With Drake Tax software hosting, data can be accessed from any device such as Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone. You just have to enable the internet connection in your device.
  • It gets you availed with auto-fill option that will enable automatic filling of a company’s name and address, once you have already filled it using ZIP or EIN code databases.


Final Verdict

We at Hitech cloud respect the freedom and believe that you very much deserve lifestyle choices which enable you to do what you actually want to do and the most conveniently whenever you want to do. Thus hosting service gets you free of stress and drives you more into your business key components. With our hosting solution, you get a complete freedom and control over the accounting process.  

Moreover, other Drake software hosting providers are also available in the market. But you have to choose one which is the right fit for you. So make your requirement list in order to create a Tax return and go for the best one.


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