What are the benefits of Dedicated QuickBooks Server?

Are you running a small business? Then you must have to think a lot before you invest in IT infrastructure for your business.

You generally have a limited budget and resources. So do you think investing in servers that will best approve your business needs and requirements is a good idea?

It is your greatest illusion then because having a server separately may cost you much which is not right for your small business.

Don’t pull your hair down!!

As we at Hitech cloud offers QuickBooks hosting solution with dedicated QuickBooks Server. We employ far-reaching server which has located its data centres in Dallas, Texas, and Seattle. We have chosen theses location because these are free from natural disaster thus making a highly secure server which has less probability of data loss.

As of now QuickBooks only allows the online version of QuickBooks to be used on the remote server. The service is provided on a subscription basis.

Hosting QuickBooks on dedicated Server can significantly improve the way you access QuickBooks accounting applications editions such as Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

How to Install QuickBooks on a Dedicated Server

In order to get complete access to QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Premier, you need to install the QuickBooks on a dedicated server.

Here are the steps on how to install QuickBooks on a Dedicated Server

  • Install FileZilla on the dedicated server and then copy the installation disk from your computer to the dedicated server by using an FTP program.
  • Once the installation disk from your computer to the dedicated server is copied, install the software. All the features and functions remain the same as QuickBooks installed on your desktop.
  • It is recommended to use Windows plan while acquiring a dedicated server plan for your QuickBooks online installation.
  • You can use economy plan if you want QuickBooks the only software installed on the dedicated server. This plan includes a RAM of 2 GB and a bandwidth of 5 TB per month. Additionally, it has a storage space of 30 GB.

The Advantages of Choosing Dedicated QuickBooks Server

Committed to one only

As the name suggests dedicated hosting server is only committed to one party, unlike the shared server. It offers everything including the storage, processing, and other facilities to one which it is committed to.

Thus having dedicated QuickBooks server you can make the most of the server Resources such as complete storage drive, memory, processing speed, and bandwidth and that too on your need only. It takes over the shared server as with the share one it may decrease the performance needed in peek hour.

More Customization                                                         

Users can enjoy more customization as they can enable/disable a certain number of network protocols which may be the temporary requirement of your business. You are open to making further changes with most of the server resources. It does not need you to change the plan any further.

Assured data security

We at Hitech Cloud offer the dedicated server which is empowered with high-security sell as we value the importance of business. 

Data security is divided into two levels which are as below:

 Physical Security:

It is intended to protect the server physically. It implements sensitive monitoring at each data centre, authenticated biometric access, and live CCTV footage. Extreme security mechanism does not allow any authorized personnel to enter the data centre. There is a recording going on 24*7 for all the physical activity within the premises. It is also to check for any unusual activities happening in the premise. 

Cloud Security:

It is intended to protect sensitive business data stored over the internet and connected to the server platform. Data on the cloud is very prone to the risks like hacking and theft. So it needs a high security. We provide cloud security by implementing data compression, encryption procedures using RSA,  Anti-virus software, intrusion detection systems,  tunnelling across the packet transmission pathway and much more. We employ strong security algorithm for averting any threats to the confidentiality and integrity of data over the network transmission.

Maintain the Budget

Dedicated QuickBooks server is the same as your local server. However, setting up a local server on your work space and then provide the maintenance may cost you a high amount. In case of a dedicated server, you rather purchase an economical hosting subscription than investing your hard earn money to the IT infrastructure. Adding more to the advantage, you don’t need a costly local space for the machine anymore.

Easy database management

In this dedicated QuickBooks server program, you can easily manage all the database regarding your accounting. You can avail the multiuser facility to make the most of it.

Easy upgrading local server

Upgrading the local server configuration is no longer your responsibility with dedicated QuickBooks server program. We at Hitech cloud just not own this responsibility but make it in the way that no other provider can do.

Free setup and installation

Once you purchase the subscription based plan for dedicated QuickBooks server, you are free from all the hurdles right starting from setup and installation to the maintenance.

Easy Migration

Are you looking for migrating from your local network or just want to move from existing dedicated QuickBooks server plan? We at Hitech cloud provide a smooth migration.

Final verdict

Dedicated QuickBooks server is providing the most favourable solution starting from security aspect to performance. However many of us criticize it mentioning overall expenses for a dedicated server are slightly more than the other options. But, an extra amount of expense is not a big issue with such comfort that you get from the dedicated server. One can easily compensate it in return to get highly reliable and scalable plan which features anytime anywhere access, authenticated access and device independence and more.

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Dedicated Cloud QuickBooks Server

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