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Welcome to Hitech - Cloud

A Leading Cloud Computing & IT Support provider

We at Hitech - Cloud believe that strong support is the backbone of every business operations Owing to our promise of reliability and availability, we extend our 24x7support through expert staff that is trained to handle troubleshooting, escalations and phone-based enquiries thereby delivering timely response.

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QuickBooks Hosting over the cloud is clearly a breakthrough for dealing with the growing challenges in the crucial accounting seasons. While working with demanding time limits, accuracy in numbers and delivery of quality services, accounting professionals often find themselves entangled in IT issues which ultimately lead to loss in deadlines and hence, clients. QuickBooks on cloud emerges as the one-stop solution that allows accountants to focus on their crucial financial tasks without having to worry about the IT concerns cropping in the substrata.

3-Fold Advantages of QuickBooks on Cloud

Advantages Related to Business


Advantages Related to Technology


Advantages Related to Finance

Constraint-free anytime, anywhere accounting access
Go Green with 'No Paper' accounting
Conditional scaling of resources
Exceptional Uptime & Security
Multiuser access
On-the-fly easy account management


No setup & maintenance of IT equipment
Central storage of data and single point of access
Data Backups at multiple servers
Updated software and hardware infrastructure
SSAE 16 Compliant


No upfront expenses
No IT staffing expenses for tech troubleshooting
Pay-as-you-go for expanding business requisites
Better ROI with greater focus & accuracy on core accounting tasks

Do Your Accounting Activities Demand QB Hosting?

Undoubtedly, cloud technology has a lot to offer. Yet, it is sometimes difficult to assess whether a CPA or individual accounting practitioner is actually in need of a hosted QuickBooks service. Here are the few requirement sets which define the circumstances under which hosting can make considerable differences in operations:
  1. Small business owners or entrepreneurial ventures with inadequate hardware resources
  2. Accountants with lack of IT troubleshooting time and knowledge
  3. Business firms running on multi-user access for various work-from-home accountants
  4. Accounting firms requiring strict watch and defining close constraints on all modifications on QB files
  5. Smart accountants requiring easy and affordable access to their accounting data files from anywhere and at any time

How To Get Started With Your Own Hosted QuickBooks?

Clients can enjoy the privilege of seamless transition of existing QuickBooks desktop edition to cloud. Here are the 6 easy steps to follow and enter the world of flawless accounting:
Step 1: Clients contact our representatives with their QB license
Step 2: The required QuickBooks Edition & Version is installed on the hosted server that can be remotely accessed and used by the client
Step 3: Security is ensured through thorough testing of all parameters
Step 4: Clients are provided with their secure credentials for remote server login & use
Step 5: Clients can access their QB application by logging in to this remote server
Step 6: For modification in requirements or any issues, clients can contact our technical representatives

Explore the New Age of Accounting with HitechCloud QuickBooks Hosting

HitechCloud reveals to its clients an age of seamless accounting anytime and from anywhere. We possess the best in-class server infrastructure to support all requirements of our clients. Clubbed with the hosting of QB application, we also offer hosting facilities for various QuickBooks add-ons to deliver to clients an always-up, anytime accessible, updated and easy-to-use remote accounting sphere.  We make cloud experience interesting and effortlessly manageable.
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